Prophecy alert: Willie Nelson’s passing will be a sign

I dreamt last night March 11th that songwriter Willie Nelson passed away due to severe breathing issues. I asked the Lord when I woke what will be the significance of his death?

I heard the Lord tell me, “It is time for Me to raise up a sound in the south and call forth troubadours for a Jesus movement now in the earth that will influence the world for My Glory and will be admired by many and lead many to my Son.”

I have a feeling that the music industry will be rattled when this happens. Please intentionally pray for Willie’s salvation and for his family at this time as I felt an urgency in the dream to lead him in a prayer of repentance to God. This will be a Hallmark moment in history and God will release His troubadours for Jesus now in the earth from the south that will be a beacon of truth to the nations living in righteousness and striving to make Jesus famous!

Here is the dream I had the night of March 11th 2018:

“I was at a gathering with what felt like music producers in the room. Suddenly, a man picked up an old black phone in an adjacent room and cried out to me,” It’s Willie Nelson! He says he’s dying! His breathing is very poor! Immediately I grabbed the phone and I cried to anyone in the room asking if they knew Willie to come to the phone urgently.

A friend who knew him came to the phone and started singing a song he and Willie knew that contained lyrics about thanking God and I could hear Willie singing it over the phone. All of the sudden, Willie stopped singing and you could hear his family members crying in the room where he was that he passed away.”

Let’s pray into this word and believe God to comfort his family and that this will be a sign that revival is happening in the music industry.

-Munday Martin