We’re going to be on TBN Russia! Miracle report!

We had the great honor to film for a show this past Friday in Virginia that airs on TBN Russia that airs all over Russia and all over the world in Russian speaking communities with my wife Jennifer Martin.

This program will also air on TV7 in Finland , Estonia, and Sweden! TBN Russia here we come!

This is the first time we have ever been on TBN Russia, but Munday has appeared on TBN a couple times in the past with great fruit and results.

Please pray for this awesome show that many will be touched as we ministered the healing and delivering power of God. It will air in September. We proclaim souls in Jesus name Jesus!!

Miracle report this weekend from Virgina:

Saturday, a woman who could not close her hand for a year and a half was healed and can now completely close her hand, and God also put her dislocated hip in place and the popping left and she could walk without pain. We watched God heal a woman who had severe back and neck pain from a surgery from a pinched nerve who’s pain used to be so bad, she couldn’t stand it! Her pain completely left! The Glory of God came and touched many with physical healing and emotional healing.

Miracles this Sunday am broke out as God opened a woman’s ears and she could hear “crystal-clear” from hearing loss. God open a woman’s throat who had difficulty eating and drinking for two years as she always felt like it was choking. She had come in such pain. I had a word of knowledge about a throat opening. Jesus healed her and I gave her a bottle of water and she could swallow without the choking sensation for the first time in two years. God healed a man from tinnitus and all the ringing completely left his ears. A woman also came from a Baptist Church all the way from Maryland to Virginia and during prayer time she received the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues! She was amazed! The presence of God was so tangible this whole weekend! A man also had a filling in his mouth the shape of a cross turn white before many witnesses eyes! We thank you Jesus for you alone are worthy! Many were touched by the presence of God and accurate words of knowledge! Someone rededicated their life to Jesus!

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