Partner with us for an Incredible Harvest in 2019!

Jennifer and I wanted to write you all and let you know about an exciting venture we have coming up.

God has directed us for such a time as this for the harvest of souls in the nations and more importantly, our nation.

In 2018, we saw a record-breaking number of people coming to Jesus since we have been in ministry and saw them planted in ministries where they can be discipled and flourish as the church is growing in the communities God has directed us to partner with.

We have been honored to serve a church with growth happening which we are helping with in Huntsville where revival is pouring out the second Friday of each month where there has been powerful meetings at 2550 Redstone Rd. SW., Huntsville, AL 7 PM and will continue for the rest of 2019 which we invite you all to come.

We are committed to partner with this venture and we are about to take my family on the road to conduct our power evangelism tour in Corpus Christi Texas, Hopkinsville Kentucky, Kansas, New Orleans, Fort Mill South Carolina, Augusta Georgia, Aiken Sc, Minneopolis, Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, and many more places.

We also want to send great support to the AIDS clinic that we are partnering with in Mozambique as well our friends we partner with in Israel that are aiding the poor and spreading the gospel.

We are currently raising $3,500 for this venture and wanted to ask you to pray about supporting us as some variable income which will be needed to complete the mission.

Great soil and a great time to give into the Kingdom.

You can click on our donations link or send support to:

Contagious Love International
PO Box Antioch TN 37011

Thank you so much for your support partners and may God bless you this 2019!

Munday and Jennifer Martin
Directors of Contagious Love International

Contagious Love International, PO Box 1868, Antioch, TN 37011

Stage 4 Cancer Healed!

We are so thankful for our partners! You have been part of helping plant churches in Israel, compassion aid to Africa with people suffering in poverty receiving much needed medical attention, and traveling around the nation seeing incredible outpourings of the Holy Spirit with salvations, miracles, and incredible healings from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many have made decisions for Christ, and families are being restored and healed. 2017 has been an incredible year of harvest!

One such miracle that will bless you to hear was a recent miracle where we prayed for a woman with Stage 4 bone cancer. She went to her doctor and they found no trace of cancer in her body! The Lord continues to astound us with His mercy everywhere we go!

We have many exciting opportunities to partner with this year including street evangelism combined with media, our continued efforts to help ministries on foot in Israel that are reaping the harvest of souls, and an AIDS clinic we partner with in Africa that is taking care of children born with this disease giving many of them medical attention they need to prolong their lives, not to mention, God is healing many of them supernaturally!

We are currently raising $3,000 for a soul winning project taking my family on a state to state soul winning campaign to the West and the East including Kansas, Pennsylvania, New York City, just to name a few.

If you are looking for a ministry in which to invest, we welcome you into our family, and look forward to the Lord bringing our destinies together as we co-labor in His Glory together. Partnership is a way to receive the mantle, the mandate, and the favor on our ministry through regular financial giving. You may want to make a one time contribution. Or you may want to invest long-term in this ministry by taking a more committed step toward monthly partnership by choosing an option below. Either way, you are sure to be blessed! Contagious Love International is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your gifts tax deductible

At the donation link on this site, you can choose to give one time towards this goal or you may give $30 a month, $50 a month, or even make a step to $100 a month.

Would you ask the Lord this week if He would have you partner with us?

Thank you so much and may God continue to richly bless all of you for your faithful prayers and support of Contagious Love International and the Martin family in full time vocational ministry.

God bless!


Munday Martin

Contagious Love International, PO Box 1868, Antioch, TN 37011

We're going to be on TBN Russia! Miracle report!

We had the great honor to film for a show this past Friday in Virginia that airs on TBN Russia that airs all over Russia and all over the world in Russian speaking communities with my wife Jennifer Martin.

This program will also air on TV7 in Finland , Estonia, and Sweden! TBN Russia here we come!

This is the first time we have ever been on TBN Russia, but Munday has appeared on TBN a couple times in the past with great fruit and results.

Please pray for this awesome show that many will be touched as we ministered the healing and delivering power of God. It will air in September. We proclaim souls in Jesus name Jesus!!

Miracle report this weekend from Virgina:

Saturday, a woman who could not close her hand for a year and a half was healed and can now completely close her hand, and God also put her dislocated hip in place and the popping left and she could walk without pain. We watched God heal a woman who had severe back and neck pain from a surgery from a pinched nerve who’s pain used to be so bad, she couldn’t stand it! Her pain completely left! The Glory of God came and touched many with physical healing and emotional healing.

Miracles this Sunday am broke out as God opened a woman’s ears and she could hear “crystal-clear” from hearing loss. God open a woman’s throat who had difficulty eating and drinking for two years as she always felt like it was choking. She had come in such pain. I had a word of knowledge about a throat opening. Jesus healed her and I gave her a bottle of water and she could swallow without the choking sensation for the first time in two years. God healed a man from tinnitus and all the ringing completely left his ears. A woman also came from a Baptist Church all the way from Maryland to Virginia and during prayer time she received the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues! She was amazed! The presence of God was so tangible this whole weekend! A man also had a filling in his mouth the shape of a cross turn white before many witnesses eyes! We thank you Jesus for you alone are worthy! Many were touched by the presence of God and accurate words of knowledge! Someone rededicated their life to Jesus!

We have many journeys in media and outreaches coming up and we would be honored for you to partner with us with either a one time donation or a monthly partnership.

You can do that by clicking on our donations page.

God bless you!

Jesus dissolved metal out of this woman's neck!

This woman had metal completely vanished out of her neck recently. I prayed for her and commanded the metal to dissolve. It used to form a large lump on the back of her neck and the lump is completely gone and the metal is gone! She drove 2 hours and knew God would heal her.

For the first time in nine years, she can move her neck and all the pain is totally gone from the severe accident and surgery she had! She was jumping and dancing and could barely move when she came in. The video is now in our media section under videos! Amazing miracle! Her shorter leg grew out, and the numbness left that leg immediately!

Many awesome miracles in Richmond!

I think we need to praise Jesus the miracle worker today!