Vision: Munday and Jennifer’s vision is two fold. They long to see the family of God in Jesus Christ do 3 things: Know who they are in Christ, embrace and push the boundaries of a love revolution in the earth based on 1 John 4:19, while grasping and living the message of the gospel and our Kingdom authority on the earth, the hallmark message of ages. As the body of Christ does these things, it will become second nature to them to manifest the power and presence of God to the world in every day living.

Munday and Jennifer’s lifelong goal and vision is to see the nations transformed and the emergence of a new leadership as God will raise up believers in all the mountains of society to help influence the economic world, media, political world, and much more with the message of the gospel. This will help bring the restitution of all things before Christ returns promised in Acts 3:21. They plan to see this accomplished by equipping believers in regional conferences and crusades both in the United States and the nations, leading teams on mission trips, currently developing media ministry products that will revolutionize the Body of Christ into a lifestyle of harvesting, and using media to capture signs, wonders, and miracles on the streets both on the Internet and airwaves. They believe these will be great tools and projects which will empower and equip the body to go and do the greater works Jesus prophesied about in John 14:12 to see the salvation of nations and influence every level of society.